Humanscale 4/5/6 Set

Humanscale 4/5/6 Set


Humanscale 4/5/6 Subset (1 booklet; 3 selectors; vinyl sleeve)

In the golden age of American industrial design, Henry Dreyfuss Associates knew that there was more to design than just looking good. Products had to be good, crafted to work with the people who use them.With this in mind, HDA designers Niels Diffrient and Alvin R. Tilley created Humanscale, including its ingenious data selectors, providing access to over 60,000 human factors data points in one easily referenced, user-friendly "portfolio of information." With these beautiful booklets and interactive data selectors, designers, engineers, architects, and inventors can reference data that serves as a starting point to design products for people. Humanscale 4/5/6 provides data on human strength, safety, controls, displays, and the dimensions of human heads, hands, and feet.

Republished by global innovation and design consultancy IA Collaborative through its ventures program in 2017, the Humanscale Reissue brings back an icon-the tools to design for people.

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